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Types Of Compensation A Mortgage Brokers Kitchener Gets

When hiring a mortgage broker, one must be able to know as to how they must get paid. In this article, you will be able to find out the different ways and types of paying a mortgage broker and in choosing a mortgage dealer.


Most mortgage brokers kitchener get paid in commission way. With this, the brokers are able to have a small piece of the mortgage that they sell to their clients. There are two types of compensation that a mortgage broker can get: (1) front- end and (2) back-end compensation. In the front-end compensation, the borrower should pay different fees such as warehouse fee, processing fee, origination fee, underwriting fee, and other types of fees that would be shouldered to the borrower so that the broker gets paid. On the other hand, for the back-end compensation, the salary of the broker comes from the lending company, unlike in the front-end where it is shouldered to the borrower. With this, the compensation of the broker depends on the interest that the company gets from the borrower. For the broker to earn larger amount of compensation, he must be able to persuade the borrower to get the highest rate as possible.

Although these two types of compensation are the most common, some mortgage brokers are paid through both salaries and bonuses. This gives guarantee of large amount of earning for the broker. In choosing a broker, it would be best to consider as to how they are compensated. It would be best to have the front-end compensation since the borrower would know exactly as to how much they should be paying the broker, unlike the back-end compensation where there are secret interest added by the mortgage company which would not be given to the broker that is working to earn the money.

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Gerry William
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