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Summer Road: Maintenance and Air Conditioning Installation in London Ontario for Better Home Cooling


In summer, using your air conditioning unit seems to be a requirement. You may think that your electric bill will automatically soar because of using the AC unit but it is your settings and usage adding up to the cooling expenses of your home.

How to Save Up on Your Energy Bill During the Summer Months

Using your AC unit with the high summer temperatures is inevitable. However, there are ways on how you can reduce your electric bill. Here are some tips:


  • Lower the temperature at day, increase it by night. Using lower temperature settings at hotter times of the day is all right. During the night, turn the temperature up as high as possible at a level you are comfortable with. Nighttime is cooler than daytime so this is your chance to save up on energy.


  • Service your unit. A little investment in air conditioning installation in London Ontario as well as maintenance services will go a long way. If your AC unit is properly installed, it will perform efficiently. Basic maintenance is also important to check for substances blocking your filter making it inefficient in cooling.


  • Rearrange furniture. Make sure that your furniture is not blocking your AC unit. You may not be aware that your furniture is obstructing the flow of cool air.


  • Reduce lightings when using the AC unit. Lights give off heat, which means more air will be cooled by the AC unit. If you turn off some of the lights, you can promote cooler air in the house, helping the AC unit use less energy, which translates to lower electricity bills.


  • Prepare your home when you leave. Close the windows and curtains. To keep the sun’s heat out. Turn up the temperature settings since there is no one at home. You can turn it down when you come back.
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Gerry William
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