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Guidelines in Applying for Canada Work Visa

If you are planning you are planning to work abroad in any part of the world you must first apply for their working visa as this is one of the requirements that is needed whether you are just looking for a job o a certain company already hired you, but getting this doesn’t mean that you are able to stay and be citizen in that country, it can be one of the reason but getting a working visa only allows people who want to work temporarily.

In Canada if you want to work there you must need a working permit for you to apply or to work there, your employee will require you to get Canada Work Visa as it is one of their requirements before you start working here are some guideline for applying for a work permit in Canada.


  • You will fill up an application for a temporary residence and must answer it will all honesty, the application needs information about family information, I.D pictures, and declaration of common law union. You can always ask the immigration for some help for you to understand the process and to know which visa would be applicable to you.
  • If you applied for business visas or skilled workers you will undergo to a point system of assessment but if you just apply for a work permit you will not undergo in this assessment. This assessment has several stages this is to know if it will affect the country or its domestic.
  • The HRDSC will give you a confirmation and after getting that you can now apply for CIC for the work permit.

For those who want to apply for a working visa you need to show them that you do not have any intention of staying there and that working is your main reason why you are applying for working visa and they must be satisfied that you have enough money to finance yourself while staying there and you have enough money to buy ticket back to your country. They will also check your background by asking police certificate to know if you have any criminal records.

Gerry William
Gerry William
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