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Smily Driving: Dental Clinic in Guelph Recommends The Best Toothbrush


Most people tend to underestimate the importance of good oral hygiene and they usually focused with their total health condition. A lot of gum diseases and infections may arise when there is no proper care and attention. It became a major risk factor for the development of more serious health conditions like heart diseases and diabetes.

Regular brushing of teeth is the best possible way to keep our teeth and gums stay healthy. This tool is commonly called as toothbrush. It helps facilitates the cleansing of hard to reach areas of our mouth. The following are some of the different kinds of toothbrush:

  • Electric Toothbrush
  • Interdental Brush
  • Sulca Brush
  • End Tuff Brush
  • Chewable Toothbrush
  • Ecological Toothbrushes

Bear in mind that it is not recommended letting your toothbrush being use by other people because there is a risk of transmitting diseases that are typically transmittable by blood like hepatitis and HIV.

Choosing The Right Dental Care

But the question is how we can assure that we are using the best quality toothbrush in dental clinic Guelph. Here are some important things you should consider:

  • Bristle Variety. There are varieties of bristle to choose from depending on your preference like soft, medium or hard nylon but most people preferred to use soft-bristled toothbrush. Aside from it is safe to use it is also a comfortable one.
  • Choose a toothbrush than can easily and freely reach out all the teeth in your mouth. It must also a long enough handle so you can comfortably hold it.
  • Doctor’s Recommendation. Ask for your dentist’s recommendation of the right and appropriate brand of toothbrush you should use.
  • This is obviously referred with the manual or electric toothbrush depending on your willingness to take a risk. You decide which is more effective.
  • Your toothbrush should be budget friendly with a high quality.
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Gerry William
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