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Commonly Practiced Massage Therapy Richmond Hill

There are many different types of massage therapy offered around the world. Some are scientifically proven to alleviate or relieve pain ranging from the simple muscle discomfort to the most severe physical injury.

However, before going to any massage clinic or spas, make sure to consult your physicians first. It is recommended that you consider being handled by a professional therapist or certified masseurs. In massage therapy Richmond Hill simple body pains are taken seriously. Certain steps are followed to determine what type of therapy you should undergo.



This is referred sometimes as foot massage because the therapist mainly focus on the points located at the feet and hands which connects to specific organs or glands of the body. For example, the tips of the toes correspond to head and neck, the bottom of the feet is said to be connected to your legs.

Hot Stone Massage

The therapist use smooth warm stones and place it on a particular area of the body to loosen up tired muscles and soothes pains. This is considered as a light massage.


This is a type of massage in which the pressure is applied to specific points of the body to allow the vital energy to flow easily. It aims to improve blood circulation and reduce stress.

Thai massage

It is somehow similar to Shiatsu. It targets certain areas in the body to promote the flow of vital life energy or “chi”. Compared to the other types of massage, this is considered as more invigorating and revitalizing but it is not recommended for those who have certain physical conditions.

Aromatherapy massage

Therapists use aromatic essential oils that have therapeutic effects on the body. It is suitable for those who are experiencing emotional concerns because it can relieve anxieties. Some of the commonly used essentials oils are lavender, chamomile, rosemary and eucalyptus.

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