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Common Sports Injuries And How Physiotherapy Can Treat Them


If you are an athlete, you already understand that injuries can sometimes be unavoidable. There would always be instances when no matter how careful you are, you still get injured. Usually, sports-related injuries are caused by old age and by being less prepared before starting your routine.

If you got injured while playing sports, you can always seek the help of reliable physiotherapists near you. They can provide you with the treatment you need that can certainly help you to go back to your active lifestyle.

Here are some of the most common sports related injuries:

Plantar Fasciitis – This can be due to continuous stress and strain on your foot. Your foot will be strained especially when you are wearing the wrong type of foot wear or are doing the wrong technique as you play. This can be treated by rolling your foot over a water bottle or a golf ball. Rolling your foot will stretch the fascia which would then lessen the pain.

Lower Back Pain – This may not be considered as an injury. But it is one of the most common things that athletes feel. One may experience pain due to their form or their position when they do certain activities. To avoid further issues, your physiotherapist will teach you some stretching exercises and other techniques.

Ankle Sprain – Taking advantage of physiotherapy in Brampton is beneficial for those who want to treat ankle sprain. Your physiotherapist will usually advice you to rest, place ice on the sprained area for cold compress and elevate your leg to keep the muscles relaxed.

There are other sports-related injuries that a physiotherapist can treat. But, the three conditions discussed in this article are the most common ones that athletes experience. If you are an athlete and you got injured while performing routines, try to consult a physiotherapist to get proper treatment and guidance.

Gerry William
Gerry William
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